Terms and Conditions



1. vaaia ltd. (in the following ‘vaaia’) offers services, products and software (in the following ‘services’) under vaaia.com and other
top level domains. When you use these services you agree with this terms and conditions (in the following ‘terms’).


2. vaaia reserves the right to alter the terms any time without any announcement. The respective current version is to be accessed
via http://www.vaaia.com/terms.html.


3. Salvador clause: In case some terms occur to be invalid, the validity of the remaining terms stays unchanged.


4. vaaia reserves all rights (copyright and related rights) on its services. You are not authorized to delete, modify or cover any legal
reference (e.g. copyright, brand, logo etc.). Moreover, you are not allowed to use the brands of vaaia or its name VAAIA for
your own use.


5. If you happen to violate the terms and conditions vaaia reserves the right to disallow you to make use of its services.


6. These terms are an agreement between you and vaaia and substitute any agreements that were eventually made before.

There are no oral agreements.


7. Irrespective of your location Swiss law will be applied in any case. Legal domicile is Zurich, Switzerland.



Services provided by vaaia


1. vaaia cannot be made liable and does not guarantee that the services (i) are at avail timely and at any time, (ii) lead to correct

and reliable results, (iii) meet the users expectations, (iv) are modified in case errors occur.


2. vaaia cannot be made liable for any direct or indirect damages that may possibly result due to (i) modifications of the services,
(ii) the appropriate or inappropriate usage of the services, (iii) the permanent or temporary unavailability of services, (iv)
incorrect processing of data in the vaaia system, or (v) any other causes associated with the services.


3. The usage of vaaia’s services is free. vaaia does not guarantee technical support for its users and is not obliged to provide any



4. vaaia is allowed to make use of services provided by third parties to an utmost extent.


5. vaaia may permanently or temporarily quit or modify the services (in parts or as whole) or add new services at any time. The

changes are automatically subrogated these terms and conditions. You agree with the changes by further using the services.



Using vaaia


1. You agree to only use vaaia based on (i) the persisting terms and conditions and (ii) the law and regulations that apply to you.


2. You agree to not to disturb the services in order to provoke a system outage or any other service provision interruption.


3. You agree to not reproduce copy, sell or trade with the services provided by vaaia.


4. You agree with the data privacy regulations that accessible via http://www.vaaia.com/privacy.html.


5. You agree when using the services of vaaia to be possibly exposed to data that may insult you or may be perceived as such by





1. Some services are accompanied by advertisements which may automatically occur and change.


2. You agree that vaaia displays advertisements on its webpage and in emails that might be sent to you in the course of the usage of
the services.


3. You are not allowed to block advertisements.





1. For the time being the usage of the services provided by vaaia is free.


2. vaaia may decide to charge permanent or temporary fees to use its services at any time. Any changes on that behalf would be
clearly stated on the website and would induce an updated version of the current Terms and Conditions. You agree with the
changes by further using the services.







Zurich, October 1, 2010

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